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At paNOW we are keen to get your feedback and insights into current news and events that affect the good people of Prince Albert and its surrounding areas. We recommend checking back from time to time to see how your answers measured up with other paNOW readers.

POLL: What do you hope is in the 40-year-old former Bonanza floor safe?

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POLL: With Kevin O'Leary out of the running, who's your pick for Conservative Party leadership?

POLL: The province recently reversed its decision on library cuts. What do you wish it would also reverse?

POLL: Do you think this is the last snow this season?

POLL: Do you feel there needs to be more support for mental wellness?

POLL: Is this the end of winter?

POLL: Do you support the federal government's move to legalize marijuana?

POLL: What do you plan to do this long weekend?

POLL: Mayor Dionne said taxes may jump in 2018, after holding increases to 1.5% this year. Can you afford to pay higher taxes?

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POLL: If an airline over booked a flight, would you give up your seat?

POLL: With a high of 20C today, what do you most look forward to during the summer?

POLL: Should the city require those running for council be "in good standing," ie. not owe property taxes?

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POLL: Do you buy 'organic?'

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POLL: According to a recent poll, Brad Wall's popularity has fallen. Are you surprised?

POLL: Could you live in a 384 square foot home?

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