Dog Death Faked and Christmas Rage

December 26, 2017 - 8:00am

Featured in Ripley's Believe It or Not!

This Week

[December 17-23rd] Christmas rage rooms, a cat named D-O-G, and glittering gravy.

5. Cat Trains K9’s

Named D-O-G (all letters pronounced) this cat shows no fear interacting with dogs. The playful kitty helps train service dogs, running around Support Dogs, Inc. Trainers say it’s important for service animals to fulfill their responsibilities even around distractions, and that D-O-G is plenty distracting.

4. Dog in Court Battle After Faked Death

After Mack the boxer-mastiff escaped his owners one too many times, Rough Road Rescue director Steve Svehla decided to keep the dog. Accusing the owners of neglect, a court battle ensued. At one point, Svehla offered up a box of ashes, telling the family Max had died. Eventually, he fessed up to the lie, and the dog was returned.

3. Glitter Gravy

A pub in London has created something fabulous just in time for Christmas dinner. This glitter-infused gravy will available with a full turkey dinner and all the trimmings. They hope their glittery gravy catches on and will spread to all of their restaurants soon.

2. Trump Inducted into the Hall of Presidents

As is tradition at Disney, each and every Commander in Chief makes an appearance in the Hall of Presidents. Donald Trump made his appearance this week… We think? Everyone seems confused as to why he looks like John Voigte. One fan theory is that they had already constructed a Hillary animatronic and had to repurpose it.

1. Christmas Rage Room

If you’re tired of hearing Jingle Bells on repeat you can indulge your urge for mayhem in a Christmas rage room. There you can smash a Christmas tree and ornaments with a baseball bat, while you’re most hated holiday song plays in the background.

Source: Dog Death Faked and Christmas Rage