Lessons Learned

November 8, 2011 - 8:11am

Life lessons come in all shapes and sizes and at the most unexpected times but I believe that these lessons only present themselves to those who are willing to learn and grow and to those who want change.

I am someone who seeks change and growth all the time. I feel like I am far from done learning and with five kids, a husband who works away 2 weeks of the month, a half time job as a counselor and the many roles of life I KNOW I have a lot to learn if I want to stay balanced and happy.

Lately I have had time off. It is suppose to be enjoyable to catch up on the things I need to do around the house, to spend time with the kids, to take part in events at the school and mostly to just relax……..or so I thought that’s what my 2 weeks off would look like.

Who the heck was I kidding??????

Life Lesson learned: When you have five kids and a house and a husband and a dog relaxing never really happens.

Down time is waiting for the next load of laundry to dry so you can put the next load in. Routine is defined by – eat - cleanup do dishes – wait – eat clean up do dishes – wait – eat clean up do dishes. Celebration happens if I can stay up after the kids go to sleep so I can have some “me” time. My last “me” time, I fell asleep sitting upright on the couch. I have learned how to do bath time in an assembly line fashion and try really hard to do educational things with my kids, but honestly all they are learning some days is that mommy is tired and they should do what their told.

Through all this it happens……that moment that only a parent understands.

You are at your wits end and you just want to cry and then, they do it.

They flash you that smile or they say a new word and the Life Lesson Renewed is that: It Is All Worth It! It is hard and unrewarding some days but I would not trade it for anything.

My back hurts I am exhausted and the laundry is still not done but I Love It. Those dimples, that smile, those hands, those pudgy little legs, that teenage attitude………I love it all.

And, I am working really hard to show them that I love it but some days are just better than others. Some days flow and routine and education happens and some days I cannot fight with a 4 year old debating whether she should brush her teeth; I am just going to leave her with bad breath because it is not worth the energy and she really does not care and its not hurting anything.

Some days I love making meals and having the family enjoy what I create and some days I wish it was not necessary to feed them at all.

But all days I am grateful.

All days I am grateful for 5 healthy kids, a loving husband and yes even for our dog. I am grateful for my own health and my ability to be home half time (even though I am sure being at home it is harder than my counseling job). I will continue to work on myself and accept my human tired side.

My prayer for all of you is that you too will return to gratitude and accept that their little smiles are more important than clean floors and sheets.

Their little smiles are why we are doing this and on those tired end of your rope days remember they are only young once so TRY really hard not to strangle them and enjoy their innocence.

I know that’s what I am working on.

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