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At paNOW we are keen to get your feedback and insights into current news and events that affect the good people of Prince Albert and its surrounding areas. We recommend checking back from time to time to see how your answers measured up with other paNOW readers.

POLL: Will you be donating to charity this holiday season.

POLL: When do you start Christmas shopping?

POLL: What do you hope are the major findings of the city's report into the Husky oil spill?

POLL: If you were given a million dollars to improve the city what would you do?

POLL: Do you donate to the food bank?

POLL: Do you or have you used the local food bank?

POLL: With Remembrance Day over, have you started putting up your Christmas decorations?

POLL: Should the city change the venue for tomorrow's Remembrance Day ceremonies?

POLL: Do the American election results make you rethink travelling to the United States?

POLL: Who will Americans elect today?

POLL: Who would you vote for if you could vote in the U.S. election?

Will you be wearing a poppy this year?

POLL: How many fast food meals do you order in a week?

POLL: What are your thoughts on the new legislation to fight impaired driving?

POLL: Will you be handing out Halloween candy tonight?

POLL: Did the mayoral election results surprise you?

POLL: Will you be voting today?

POLL: How old is too old to go trick or treating?