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At paNOW we are keen to get your feedback and insights into current news and events that affect the good people of Prince Albert and its surrounding areas. We recommend checking back from time to time to see how your answers measured up with other paNOW readers.

POLL: Will higher and broader PST affect your purchases in the future?

POLL: What affects you the most in this new provincial budget?

POLL: Like Saskatchewan's, the federal deficit is larger than expected. Do you agree with taking five years to pay it down?

POLL: Would you pay a higher tax on cigarettes or alcohol if it helped pay down the deficit?

POLL: With such a large provincial deficit, do you still think a new football stadium was a good idea?

POLL: How will you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

POLL: Would you support a temporary increase in the PST to help pay down the deficit?

POLL: Should the city sell bottles of water at events?

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POLL: What do you do when the weather dips below -30 C?

POLL: If the snow packed well, would you mind if your street wasn't plowed?

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POLL: Do you agree with the NDP's assertions the Sask Party should cut cabinet salaries by 20% and eliminate 5 MLA positions?

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POLL: Ladies, are you taking the day off work today for International Women's Day?

POLL: Do you think Don McMorris should have returned to caucus after his DUI conviction?

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POLL: Do you keep an emergency kit in your car during the winter months?

POLL: Wall has said his government may need more than one year to pay down the deficit. Is this acceptable?

POLL: Do you believe the province should sell crown corps to help pay down the deficit?