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By: Mehmet Oz, M.D. and Mike Roizen, M.D

Mehmet Oz, M.D. is host of “The Dr. Oz Show,” and Mike Roizen, M.D. is Chief Wellness Officer and Chair of Wellness Institute at Cleveland Clinic. To live your healthiest, tune into “The Dr. Oz Show” or visit www.sharecare.com.
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Health-care generosity and connection have overwhelming benefits to you and to society

February 2, 2017 - 10:07am Updated: February 9, 2017 - 9:26am

In tough times, lots of folks think that when it comes to health care, tightening the purse strings, letting folks fend for themselves and advocating tough love (or not so much tough love as just tough noogies) is the smart way to proceed. It’s, well, responsible, is what gets said.

We say, yes, front-end, cost-cutting measures are responsible ... for increased health risks, higher health costs and expenditures, and a reduced economic base. Not really what most people want or think they’re advocating!

Your Defeat Diabetes Guide for the New Year

January 26, 2017 - 11:59am Updated: January 31, 2017 - 12:51pm

The New Year and its all-too-often forgotten resolutions are quickly sliding away. But before you settle into Groundhog Day and figure broken promises are just déjà vu all over again (thanks, Yogi B.), we want to offer you a guide to help you get your diabetes under control and, yes, even reverse it!

Why will this guide work? Because you won’t be going it alone. It’s based on proven techniques, and the results are guaranteed to make you feel happier, healthier and back in control:

Overweight and obese kids — the solution starts at home

January 19, 2017 - 11:02am

What do 8.9 percent of 2- to 5-year olds, 17.5 percent of 6- to 11-year-olds, and 20.5 percent of 12- to 19-year-olds in the U.S. have in common? Aside from big worries that sooner or later “Sponge-Bob Squarepants” will get canceled and a love of all things digital, those are the numbers of obese American kids — a total of 12.7 million! (Many more are overweight.)

Pain, the Opioid Epidemic and How Health Care Has to Improve

January 12, 2017 - 10:34am

Opioid addiction is a national epidemic — and so is chronic pain. Could there be a relationship?

In 2015, 2 million Americans had a substance-use disorder involving prescription pain relievers. By the end of the year, more than 33,000 people had died from opioid overdoses involving prescription painkillers, heroin, fentanyl or combos. A study in the Journal of Pain stated: 126.1 million adults reported experiencing pain in the previous three months, with 25.3 million adults suffering daily pain and 23.4 million reporting a lot of pain.