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February 27, 2013 - 2:12pm

Spiderman, Spiderman…can you guess what I’m going to be talking about today?

Ghostbusters 3 is moving towards the animation decision again! Nope, completely wrong.

Earlier Wednesday morning Bloody Disgusting picked up a rumor and reported that Sony had decided to go back to the animation side of things with Ghostbusters 3, which had been suggested back in 2007 for the movie and ended up becoming a video game instead.

Coming Soon went to the source and confirmed that, no, Sony had no intention of making the 3rd installment of the comedy an animation and were continuing forward with production in live action.

Bloody Disgusting, you make me shake my head today.

Speaking of Sony…Spiderman (see what I did there). That’s right I’m going to talk about the next installment of The Amazing Spiderman as a colleague of mine has been bugging me to do so.

And its interesting timing because lately there have been a lot of viral campaigns and news going on in the media to do with the web head.

Most recently in the news, and this is exciting stuff folks, badass actor Chris Cooper (The Bourne Identity, American Beauty, October Sky), has been cast as the mega-badass, Spidey’s biggest arch nemesis, Norman Osborne A.K.A. The Green Goblin.

I get tingles just announce that, there is no one better to play the role than Willem Dafoe did in his famous performance of the psychotic character in Spider-man.

There is no word if the big bad Green will make an appearance yet in this second film…but with Marc Webb you know he’s ramping up to it.

And of course Dane DeHaan who successfully pulled off the villain role of crazy old Andrew in Chronicle, will be by Cooper’s side as his son, and Parker’s best friend Harry.

Many of you should now know that the main villain announced for this film, Electro, will be played by Jamie Foxx, and there have been ongoing talks between Paul Giamatti and Webb for him to play The Rhino.

So we seem to be moving into the Batmanesque way of movie thinking by starting out with one major villain and then pitting our hero against two at once per film.

Or are we?

Webb has been dropping some major hints about the future of the Spiderman franchise, stating that it may start to expand beyond the web slinging hero. And rumors of the Sinister Six have now begun to swell.

As well there was a recent viral campaign on Twitter from Webb of a picture of a locker with the number 14 on it. Most may be completely confused by this picture, but true fans of the Spiderman and….dare I say it? Okay…the VENOM series, will know what this is about.

And now I’m going to spill the beans.

If you’ve ever read the Ultimate Spiderman series, you will know that Peter Parker and Eddie Brock’s parents had worked together on a cure for cancer. That cure came in the way of a suit…that suit lead to Venom. And that suit was discovered by Parker and Brock in a locker labeled 14.

Added to the photo was the hashtag #happybirthday, and the picture was posted on the Birthday of Dane DeHann A.K.A. Harry Osborne.

Now while Harry went on in other comics to become the Hobgoblin, here is the twist.
Norman Osborne is suffering from a terminal illness in the first film, so, could the suit be the pre-creation of Parker’s parents who mysterious disappeared and it is brought to fruition by maybe Parker or one of the other scientists to help save Osborne’s life.

In that instance the suit may turn Osborne into the Green Goblin, and later on turn his son Harry not into the Hobgoblin, but Venom.

It’s a veer from the main characters' storylines but it still works.

Nonetheless, some exciting stuff happening here, and obviously Webb is looking to expand

Spiderman, rather than kill the series off after three movies. We could be looking at an Avengers-style series here.

That’s all I have for you on that series but it’s quite a bit so be happy.

Oh also this.

That’s right, the new spidey suit and its back to basics again, which is good. The only difference is the eyes and the fact that Garfield is a very skinny boy, so the figure looks a little different, but it’s still awesome.


So instead of the regular off the handle indie video that is geeky or funny, I’m going to show you the

unveiling of the new limited edition line of Star Wars LEGO! Coming soon!

Roll Credits

So that’s it for this week folks. There is more news coming up with Star Wars, I’m sure you’ve all heard by now that basically the entire main cast (yes even Billy Dee Williams) have been in talks to rejoin the Star Wars series. And that Simon Pegg may pull a crossover with Abrams and show up in the cast as well.

But that can all wait till next week…that’s right I’m evil like that.

Time to web sling on outta here!

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